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What is this Entrepreneurial Family Man podcast all about?  Who are these guys, why are they qualified and passionate about talking about this?


What’s the point of and what will I get from this weekly podcast show? Do I have to choose between a successful business or a thriving family life – or is there a third way?


We dive into the vision of the EFM podcast, how it was birthed and where it’s going.  Learn a bit about us as family-focused entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing others along the journey.  Freedom and flexibility are core values we wish to share with the world.


In the EFM podcast and community we’ll share:

  • Common misperceptions relating to business and family life as an entrepreneur.
  • Actionable resources each week to move your life toward significance as a family man and businessman.
  • Normal pitfalls and how to avoid them – learning from the mistakes of others.
  • Expert interviews with mentors and influencers.
  • How to live life on your terms, with your vision of leading your family and business
  • JefferyReply

    January 26, 2018 at 10:52 am

    Big goals for both work AND family, this topic is a passion for me! I look forward to see where you guys go with this!

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