It’s hard to envision a life of success in both your business and your family. Is a life lived on your terms really possible?

-If you are tired of letting someone else decide when, where and how you work,

-If you are sick of the disappointed look you see on the faces of your wife and children when you walk in the door because you don’t spend enough time with them,

-If you don’t want to choose between time with your family and accomplishing the success you’ve always wanted,

-If you feel frustrated with the empty promises and overwhelming noise from online marketers who record videos on their phones in front of someone else’s Lamborghini,

You are in the right place. The Entrepreneurial Family Man Podcast will give you practical action steps and advice to help you create a life of freedom in both your family and business.

What happens if you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done?

Most people who desire this life try to ignore their desire for freedom and flexibility and tell themselves that they will be free when they retire. The problem is, by the time they retire it’s too late. Their kids have grown up and they’ve missed their opportunity.

The sad truth is, by the time they are in their 60’s and 70’s; physical limitations, health issues, low energy and regrets hold people back from pursuing the adventures they’ve always longed for.

Even worse, sometimes the people they love the most have become strangers  because so much time was spent grinding it out in their career that they missed the opportunity to develop, deep meaningful relationships with their wive’s and kids.

Don’t let this happen to you. The time to pursue the life you’ve always wanted is NOW.

In early 2016; Chris, Jamie and Michael were sitting in a beautiful hotel lobby in San Diego between sessions at Social Media Marketing Conference and something occurred to them. They were living remarkable lives.

How was it that we all had the blessing of our wives and kids to be at this conference in this beautiful place? Our conversation as we walked on Coronado beach and had lunch at an amazing Mexican place nearby.

We all value our family so much that we intentionally built businesses that allowed us to spend a whole lot of time with them. Our relationships with our wives and kids took precedence over everything else. Because they feel valued, they are understanding and supportive of our dreams, even if it means we occasionally go on adventures without them.

It occurred to us that we have all built remarkable lives without sacrificing our most important relationships. We knew we had to get the message out.

Since sharing our idea for the Podcast, this message has resonated with so many other men. They are beginning to believe it’s possible to live the flexible and meaningful life of an entrepreneurial family man. You can too. 

When you listen to the EFM Podcast, you’ll get practical tips and actions steps to help you life a life of freedom and flexibility. You’ll learn;

  1. How to connect with influencers to get your name out there and help grow your business
  2. How to develop strong relationships to keep you encouraged and accountable on your journey
  3. How to avoid the pitfalls of working from a home office
  4. How to know when you’re ready to launch your business
  5. How to work together with your spouse during a crisis
  6. How to avoid the stress of traveling with kids

We will cover these topics and so much more. If you want to live this life, join us once a week and we’ll help you get there. Don’t listen o the voices that tell you this is impossible. We’ll be here to guide you along the way.

Don’t ignore the voice screaming inside you. You were meant to live a life rich in faith, family and finances. The time to start living the EFM life is NOW. Click the link to listen to our first episode.

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